Our Process

Our Unique Dual Vapour Blasting Process

We offer a unique process which gives a significantly improved finish over regular vapour/aqua/wet blasting.
We have developed our process over the last 9 years and our current dual process offers the best possible finish for your Classic Car and Motorcycle components.
We cosmetically finish parts from Aluminium , Magnesium , Copper , Brass , Bronze , Titanium and Stainless Steel. 
We also finish parts from Steel prior to any electroplating service.
We use our own selected and consistently blended media to finish your parts to the highest standard possible.

We finish Engine and Gearbox Casings , Cylinder Heads , Cylinder Blocks , Carburettors , Engine Covers , Water Pump Housings , Motorcycle and Car Wheel Hubs , Suspension Arms etc..... - in fact most components made from the above materials.

Our process is non aggressive and unlike any dry media blasting leaves a smooth satin "easier to clean" surface. 

Parts must be supplied completely stripped down with all bearings and seals removed - Plain bushings , studs and dowels can remain fitted.

All parts must be reasonably degreased.