Welcome to the Aqua Blasting Specialists - CC Aqua Blasting Ltd. 

Tel. -  07976 300123  or  01206 257381

We are the Only Company using the unique Dual Vapour Process for 

Vapour Blasting to perfection.

Vapour Blasting Components for Restoration and Industry.
Superior to any dry media process and standard vapour blasting.
We dual surface finish for the following:

  • Restoration Companies - Classic and Vintage Vehicles.
  • Individual Car and Motorcycle Enthusiasts.
  • Engine Builders.
  • Machining companies - Machined Aluminium and Stainless Components.
  • Aerospace.
  • Motorsport.
  • Kit Car Builders - Donor part preparation.
  • Welding Companies - post weld finishing.
  • Electroplaters and Anodisers - consistent surface prep.
  • Scooter Specialists - Lambretta / Vespa.

Our process:

  • Removes soiling and oxidation
  • Unlike dry blasting gently peens without abrading the surface.
  • Provides a consistent finish
  • Removes discolouration
  • Micro peens to help resist re-soiling and oxidising.
  • Sympathetically cleans using our non-aggressive method.
  • Does not remove component detail.

logojpgCC Aqua Blasting Ltd is based in Little Bentley , Essex

We operate using 5 Modified Vapour Blasting machines with our own carbide splitter nozzles using our developed dual vapour method and the highest quality spherical media blended to our own specifications.
We surface finish components up to 1 metre in length.

We welcome any quantity of parts from a single component through to batch processing.
We don't operate with a minimum charge. No job too small !